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Steel & Metal Mechanics
    Tensile Testing Machine
Enkay Machines   Tensile Testing Machine
Floor mounted, vertical type, two column construction specially manufactured for determining the tensile strength and elongation of a host of conductors, plastic, PVC, rubber specimens, paper, plywood etc. This machine is also capable for conducting compression, cross breaking and shear tests. Available in various capacities depending upon the requirements right from 5 kgf to 10 tonnes ensuring ±1% accuracy in test results.
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with electronic display
Tensile Testing Machine

Enkay Tensile Testing Machines are backed up by prompt and effective service by a team of factory trained technicians. Our machines are available in KGF / Kilonewtons / Newtons as per your specific requirements.

These machines are also available with state of art electronic microprocessor based digital indicator system with PC and printer.

Horizontal Models and Computerized versions are also in our range of production.

  Tensile Testing Machine  
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